We Are

Nurture Our Community sprouted from one dream.
A dream to give our communities control over their food supply. We do this through teaching every day community members how to grow their own food. Our members participate with us by growing 1 or 2 crops in their garden, on window sills, patios, etc. Members receive support in the form of regular educational workshops, planting programmes, plus receiving seeds and seedlings.

We are committed to producing chemical free crops in our local gardens, public growing areas, and through commercial partnerships such as farms & local food producers.

We are more than just an online market. We are a movement committed to nurturing healthier, sustainable lifestyles within our communities.

What We Do


Shop with ease. Savour the freshness.
Digital shelves stocked with locally produced products.

Our fruit and vegetables are picked, packed and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Other handcrafted products are sourced from the heart of our community and produced with love.  

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Community Growing

Cultivate. Nourish. Flourish.
If you do not have any space at home for growing, don't worry. You can still become involved. Come to one of our community growing sites and dig in.

Our growing community workshops are social events, fun for all ages.

Cultivate an interest in something new.
Nourish your physical, mental and spiritual body.
Flourish as an active member of a larger community of like minded individuals.  

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Local Partnerships

We understand the importance of partnering with like-minded people, so we can build, grow & live together, in a sustainable environment. We realise how important our partnerships with local food growers and producers are, so we can win back control of our foods.

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Trusted Suppliers

Growing Towards Tomorrow

We’re producing a seamless supply chain from local fields to family feasts, by enhancing efficiency and embodying eco-consciousness.

We're not just nurturing lives, we're creating a legacy.

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