Educational Growth

Our plan is to educate our communities in learning what is happening with the current food climate & crisis. Then empower them how to make change happen.

Currently, the majority of our food is sourced from international climates where it’s considered cheaper and easier to produce. It is then shipped to the UK, (and surrounding nations), where huge conglomerate companies have already decided the rates they’re going to pay the suppliers, and chosen the rates they’re going to charge the consumers.

These huge companies control how we consume, using powerful & clever advertisements aimed at guiding us to certain products. They talk about sustainability, economical needs, supporting communities, & many more ‘greener’ topics. However, their impact with these topics are quite small, as their main priority is making money, i.e. capitalism.

What We Want To Achieve

Is to bring back control to the people, so we control the food quality and the prices, and we can have more local growers being a part of the solution to a greener lifestyle, which we can all benefit from.

Growing Hubs

We aim to create hubs all around the UK, in towns, cities, villages and rural areas combined; where local growers will band together in providing market fresh, and nutritious produce which will be sold back into the communities, enabling control of food prices, fair wages, jobs and a sustainable future.

How Does it Start?

It starts with you, and people like yourself, who want to know what’s happening with food production in this country, and want to find out how to make changes. As you’re educated on what needs to be done, we guide you to make changes, and we bring together neighbourhoods and teach on how to grow, make compost, soil nurturing, community growing hubs, and more!

Join Us

If you care about your food and your future, then join us in making positive, ecological changes that will benefit us all, and provide sustainable living for the next generation.

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