BH24 Bread
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BH24 Bread

£ 1.11 GBP

BakeHouse24 is an artisan bakery specialising in traditional Sourdough methods to produce the finest Bread, Cakes and Pastries. All our bread is freshly baked every morning and delivered the same day.

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The 24 Sour - Made using mostly white flour with a little wholemeal + Rye for texture.

The White Sour - Made with a blend of white flour from Shipton mill + Cann mill.

The Miller Loaf - Made using mostly wholemeal flour, with a little white + Rye.

The Seeded Seven - Made using the same flour blend as the 24 with 7 seeds mixed through.

The Ringwood Rye - 100% Rye sourdough with pumpkin + Sunflower seeds.

Artisan bread is a type of bread that is crafted through traditional, time-honored methods, often by skilled bakers who take pride in their craftsmanship. This bread is distinguished by its high-quality ingredients, meticulous preparation, and the absence of preservatives or additives. The term "artisan" implies a hands-on, small-batch approach, where each loaf is given individual attention.


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Peter - Lymington
Fantastic Service and Quality

"I receive a weekly delivery of Veg and Fruit, Produce is always fresh and top quality. The delivery driver is always really friendly and helpful. Highly recommend."

Marion - Sway
Amazing...loved it

"Love how they tailor a box to your needs. Due to dietary requirements I have a lot of produce I have to avoid eating, if any of my dislikes are on the menu for the week they get replaced with items that suit me. Keep up the fantastic work"

Shelia - lymington
Highly recommended!

"We get a weekly box of Veg, Fruit and Salad which is fantastic quality. We also get a Fortnightly delivery of meat on top which i couldn't recommend enough. Grade A quality."

Rosamund - Damerham

"We always look forward to Michael delivering our Fruit and Veg every Thursday, Love the Quality and Service we recieve."

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